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Tamanos de Header

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Header / Foto de cabecera 815×315 pixeles
Profile / Foto de Perfl  180×180 (Se actualizara a 160×160)
App Images / Imagenes de Aplicaciones 111×74 px.
Timeline 403×403 px
Shared Link 156x116px
Highlighted Post or Milestone 843×403 px

Header (Publicize > Email Subscriptions > Email Branding)
logo recomendado no mas de 200×200 px


Twitter Header
Header 1200×600 pixeles sugerido (se comprimira a 520×260 px), Peso inferior a 5Mb. Ratio 2:1 es decir el ancho debe ser el doble del alto.
Profile Picture 520×260 px
Shared image 375×375 px


Header Google+ 940×180 px (solo se ven 890×180 px)
Profile picture > Circulo de 120px, cuadrado circunscrito de 84×8 px.
Status update 150×150 px
Shared Image 497×373



Logo horizontal 100x60px
Cover Photo 646x220px
Company Sauqre Logo 50x50px
Company Comment logo 30×30
Carrerrs 974×238
Products and services 646×220
Product Title 100×80



Profile 160×165
Board 222×150 px
Board Thumbnail 55×55
Pin Preview 192xalto escalable
Profile Picture 49×49
Pin 600xXpix




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